10 Best Gifts for the Elderly

Elderly people have seen and received many gifts in their lifetime which makes it daunting to come up with unique gift ideas for different occasions. Over the years, they accumulate appliances, collectables, clothing and accessories to a point that they don’t want more gifts. It’s really the thought that counts, but how do you pick a gift that will not clutter the home of your precious, aging loved one? Folks in their later years of life may also live in group homes with limited private space. It can be even harder for you pick one if they insist that a gift is not necessary. At their age, their needs change and they become a little concerned with sentimentality. This is a common occurrence among older people to refuse gifts to avoid being a burden.’

What most people don’t know is that there are plenty of ways to add a little magic to help seniors celebrate any occasion during the year to the fullest. Occasions can include Birthdays, Retirement, Anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. The trick to purchasing best gifts for the elderly is functionality and practicality. Read on to discover how you can make your aging loved one’s occasion sparkle!


In order to bring a smile to the faces of your old folks, you need to surprise them with age-appropriate gifts that makes their lives:

  • Healthier.
  • Safer.
  • Easier.
  • More functional.
  • More fun.
  • More comfortable.


If you have been unsuccessfully searching for best gifts for the elderly, you are reading the right article. Here at ridewithease.com, we understand the significance of letting your loved ones know how much you cherish them. We’ve taken the hassle out of choosing a gift by preparing a detailed gift guide complete with a handful of ideas that will come in handy when shopping for useful, thoughtful and unique gifts that your elderly parents or grandparents will appreciate each and every day. The extensive list of our favorite gift ideas is all about the quality of life for your old folks.

  1. Mobility Aids

There are many mobility aids that can help make the life of your aging loved one easier and more comfortable, but a mobility scooter tops the list. Apart from helping seniors struggling with mobility to move from one point to another, they also fasten recovery and healing. A dexterity kit can help a dexterity-challenged senior to make everyday life easier. An adjustable car strap is another mobility aid that can help a senior citizen get out of a vehicle if he or has difficulty moving. Ensure that the handle is non-slip and ergonomic enough to make transitioning in and out of the vehicle easier.

  1. 31 Day Pill Organizer WithAlarm

It is common knowledge that a majority of elderly people take several pills throughout the day. Most of these folks have a tendency to misuse prescription pills which can lead to adverse side effect like mood swings, disorientation and even accidental death. At their age, it is difficult for them to keep track of the multiple pills. Thanks to the 31 day pill organizer, it is now easier than ever to prepare a month of medications way ahead of time. Each day of the month has a pill container complete with options for times to take the pills. An alarm acts as a reminder to alert the users when it’s time to take the pills.

  1. Adult Coloring Books

Studies have proven that coloring among the elderly has stress-relieving benefits. Grandparents love spending quality time with their grandkids. You can spice things up by purchasing coloring books, markers, paper, crayons and any other items you might feel will enhance the bonding experience. Activity books also help the elderly to stay in one location so you can make the most out of the visit. They can occupy their hands and flex their creativity which gives their minds time to wander freely. Another advantage of activity books is that they are reasonably priced, you can get a good one from the book store for less than $10.

  1. Fitness Tools

At their age, it is imperative that the elderly do some light exercises to stay healthy. You can help them stay fit by gifting them with stretch bands, a pedal exerciser, light weights and similar accessories that can help them with limited joint mobility and other complications associated with old age. A digital pedometer with advanced clock features and a large viewing screen is also a thoughtful addition.

  1. Digital Keyfinder

A digital Keyfinder is one of the most thoughtful and yet inexpensive present when deliberating the best gifts for the elderly. Shop for a keyfinder that is easy to use, durable, loud and operates within a wide radius (300ft.). No programming or setup should be needed to use the digital keyfinder; it should ready to use right out of the box.

  1. Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are a great activity among the elderly as they have plenty of free time. By solving puzzles, the elderly gain cognitive advantage. They also encourage socialization in group settings and are a great family activity that grandparents can use to bond with their grandchildren.

  1. Gardening Tool Set

Gardening is an activity that is dear to many old folks as they enjoy interacting with nature at their old age. Besides, it is a great way to get some exercise. A gardening tool set comprises of a cultivator, weeder, trowel and transplanter. Ensure to purchase a set that is durable and lightweight. The handles should be ergonomic to make the gardening experience easy and fun. It would be also thoughtful to throw in a pair of garden gloves to minimize callousness.

  1. Motion Sensor Light Switch

Number eight on our list of best gifts for the elderly is a motion sensor light switch. As your folks grow older, seeing in the dark can pose real safety issues. A motion sensor light switch will effectively sense your aging loved one’s presence and automatically turn on lights as he or she enters a room, and turn them off as they exit. This makes it easy for them to move around the house safely without worrying about energy costs.

  1. Adaptive Headphones

The elderly experience hearing difficulty due to genetics, age and/or noise exposure over time. When their hearing becomes unbalanced, they need some aid to help them hear things more clearly. Adaptive headphones are designed to diminish background noise to enhance the listening experience of the hearing-challenged elderly people. Whether they are watching TV or listening to music on the radio, adaptive headphones will provide them with an ultimate listening experience.

  1. A Trip To A FavoriteDestination

Loneliness is a constant companion to most elderly people. No one knows your old parents or grandparents better than you do. You know their favorite places to visit, such as a museum, a library or even a city. If they have their favorite band performing nearby, you can surprise them with first row concert tickets. If you want to splurge, you can consider taking them on a cruise. Do this a couple of times throughout the year and let them relive past memories. This gift is sure to forge lifelong memories.


Gifts for elderly family members and friends often include home improvements that will enhance their safety and items related to good hygiene and personal care discussed above. Use mobility, lifestyle, health, hobbies and interests of the aging guy in question as a jumping off point to settle on a gift he or she will get plenty of use from. Our list of best gifts for the elderly caters to seniors of all tastes and preferences, implying that you will find something that your aging folks will be thrilled to receive.

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