10 Essential Exercises to Stay Fit as You Age

Physical fitness and health are crucial for enhancing both the quality and quantity of life. Naturally, this comes more easily for the more agile and virile individuals. However, the trade-offs on energy and vigor that come with age can be challenging for many as they grow older. It is a fact that as your body ages, it becomes more and more difficult to execute the typical exercise routines you were used to. It is no longer viable to try out the heavy weights because your body simply cannot handle it anymore.

What Are The Next Steps as You Grow Older?

This necessitates an effective transition into more suitable and effective training routines. Perhaps one of the pros of being a senior citizen is that you have more time on your hands, and you can utilize this time very well by adopting any number of effective exercises which will help you stay fit and healthy for longer. In fact, current research indicates that physical activity is not only an essential aspect of a healthy community, but also a key ingredient in promoting an active way of life, which is significant in maintaining health and quality of life as you age.

Below are some of the best exercises to stay fit as you age.

Recommended Exercises for Seniors


Walking is perhaps the most basic and simplest of exercises for seniors. In fact, it is considered as the best way to begin exercising. Furthermore, walking is recommended because it does not require any specialized equipment, save for a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Additionally, you can walk anywhere. There are numerous benefits of walking for senior citizens. For instance, walking has been linked with a reduction in bone mass loss. Low bone mass causes your bones to become weaker, and hence they break more easily and faster. This is all the more reason why you need to walk more. The use of a walker can be a great aid in making sure seniors get much needed exercise.

Walking is also effective in strengthening muscles, promoting weight loss, improving blood circulation, and even improving sleep. It also increases mental sharpness, improves joints support, and generally makes you happier.


If you are aged 65 years or older, cycling is a spectacular exercise recommended for you. Cycling provides moderate aerobic exercise, just like walking but with higher intensity. An average of 150 minutes of cycling every week will go a long way towards enhancing your health and fitness. It is recommended primarily because it is a low impact exercise which does not stress the joints, allowing you to build strength gradually. It has been shown to have positive effects on cardiac health, mental acuity, and is also great for balance.

Water Aerobics and Water Sports

Water sports and water aerobics are a fun way of reducing the strain and stress on your joints. Unlike regular exercises, water provides buoyancy and resistance, which you will not be able to experience in other common ground based routines. The benefits of water aerobics and water sports are numerous. It has been linked with a reduction in blood pressure, and an increase in bone density. Water aerobics also promote stronger muscles, pain relief, and correct your body posture. Water aerobics are also an effective activity for promoting weight loss.


Swimming is one of the most popular forms of exercises. It is highly lauded for its endurance benefits. It increases your breathing and your heart rate for longer periods, which are central to a stronger and better functioning circulatory and cardiovascular system. Swimming will also help you to get in better shape with limited strain on your body. Like water walking, it is recommended for those who experiences joint pains because it does not bear weight. It takes the pressure off your hips, your spine, and your knees, which will allow you to move without discomfort. It is also an excellent option if you are looking towards increasing your flexibility, boosting your mental health and improving your muscle strength. However, because you do not bear any weight while swimming, you will benefit from incorporating some bone building exercises in your routine.


The combination of breathing and poses is actually good for you. In fact, movement through the various poses is good for your strength, balance, and flexibility. Yoga has been linked to several key health benefits for older adults. These include increased flexibility, and gaining the benefits of movement without the added strain. It is crucial to appreciate that while exercise is a crucial part of aging, high intensity cardiovascular exercises or strength exercise may add strain on your body. Therefore, yoga is definitely a friendlier alternative.

Yoga has also been associated with a reduction in menopausal discomfort, and promotion of good bone health. Yoga is also beneficial in keeping your mind sharp.

Vigorous Aerobic Exercises

While moderate aerobic exercises such as walking and cycling are good for your body, your body will also benefit from vigorous aerobic exercises such as a game of tennis, or running. 75 minutes of this every week will have positive impacts on building your major muscles, including the chest, hips, back, shoulders, and arms. A minute of vigorous activity has been observed to present the same health benefits as two minutes of moderate exercises. It is therefore recommended that you actively try to mix up moderate and vigorous activities.

Martial Arts

Martial arts exercises such as Qi Qong and Tai Chi promote movement which enhances strength and balance. There are various martial arts classes designed- and appropriate, for seniors, mostly at community centers. Martial Arts classes are beneficial for sustaining mental health. They alleviate issues associated with old age such as memory loss or slow reaction. They are therefore crucial for maintaining mental health and awareness. They also has several social benefits, including allowing senior citizens to make friends and build a community. This is crucial because as you grow older your friends circles tend to shrink over time. The numerous routines which include partner and group activities enhance connection and bonding. Martial Arts also assist in building muscle strength, and has been been linked with lowering the risk of heart diseases, due to the various physical routines involved.


Pilates are effective in enhancing balance and stability among the elderly. They also increase flexibility and strength in the legs as well as the core muscles. This improves your balance and coordination, and also reduces the risk of falls. It is also a weight bearing exercise- particular for women over 60, which assists with bone building, as well as strengthening your bones and muscles. It also tones and strengthens your muscles giving you a better posture, and more confidence.

Strength Exercises

These are beneficial in building your muscles, while improving your body’s rate of metabolism. They have been linked with increased bone strength. This has helped many seniors to become more self-reliant. They include free weights, squatting, and using resistance bands.They assist senior citizens to become more stable, healthier, and stronger, while reducing the risk of common lifestyle diseases such as joint pains and insomnia.


Dancing provides a fun activity for staying fit and healthy. In fact, recent studies have discovered that dancing improves muscle function and strength among older adults. Furthermore, it increases flexibility and stability, which in turn reduce likelihood of injuries. Dancing has also been attributed with other health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health and a reduced risk of developing heart diseases.


No matter what exercises you ultimately settle on, the goal is to stay consistent and have fun while being active. Do keep in mind that pushing too hard or to the point of injury can be counterproductive. So be safe and give some of these suggestions a try! You might surprise yourself with what you are capable of!

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