Best Discounts Available For Senior Citizens

Being a senior citizen comes with more wisdom and patience especially when it comes to shopping. Older people are more aware of the need to be persistent when shopping for items or deals. They take their time to read different reviews about the items or deals they want before they hurriedly rush to make a buy. It does not matter what the hype about the product, because if they do not know about the worthiness of it, they will not buy. They will not also rush for the newest deals in town but will wait until the prices go down.

Another advantage senior citizens have over younger shoppers is that they get discounts that many services and retailers provide to them. The kinds of discounts available for senior citizens range from transportation, taxes, parking, restaurants, shopping and even mortgage. If you are a senior citizen, you can go online to check what other discounts you can get from various places. It is important to note that not every place displays a notice announcing their senior discounts. You have to ask if they offer any discounts for seniors in order to get what you deserve. Below are some of the discounts for senior citizens.


Grocery Discounts

Hundreds of stores in the US offer senior discounts to seniors of 50 years and above with majority of the stores giving first priority to 60 plus senior citizens. Many of these stores set a day aside every week where citizens can get a certain percentage off the selling price. Five of the grocery stores with some of the best discounts for seniors are

Fred Meyer – Offers seniors a discount once a week on Tuesdays allowing them to save up to 15% of their savings

BI-LO – For seniors that are 60 years and over, you can get 5% discount every Wednesday

Harris Teeter – For 60 plus citizens, you get a discount of 5% every Thursday

Piggly Wiggly –The best discounts for seniors in Piggly Wiggly stores vary from state to state and location to location, if you are a senior citizen, get the details of the offers from your local store

New Seasons Market -Every Wednesday, senior citizens of 65 and over enjoy a discount of 10%

Clothing and Retail Senior Discounts

If you are 50 and above, you do not have to worry about keeping up with other fashionistas because many stores all across the US, offer senior discounts on a variety of items. If you also have mobility problems, do not worry because you can get the best-discounted walkers and scooters from some of the best stores in the US.

You can save up to 20% of your savings depending on where you shop. It is however always good to call before visiting any of the stores because offers change according to participation. Below are five of some of the best retrial and clothing stores that offer discounts for seniors.

Dress Barn – for a 10% discount every Tuesday and Wednesday. The discount however differs from locality to locality and anyone above 55 qualifies.

Kohl’s – for 60 plus senior citizens offering a 15% discount every Wednesday

Banana Republic – offers a 10% discount for seniors of 62 plus years

Michaels – offers a 10% discount off the entire purchase for seniors of 55 plus every day

Walgreens – offers a seniors day once every month. Discounts which vary from location to location include 10% for online senior shoppers and 20% for in store senior shoppers, the ages of the shoppers is 55 plus.

Restaurants Senior Discounts

If you are a senior citizen and want to dine out and enjoy some of the best cuisine from all over the world, you can do so in some of your local restaurants that offer senior citizen discounts. Five of the some of the best restaurants that offer senior discounts are:

Applebee’s – offers discounts of up to 15% depending on locality to seniors of 62 and above

Backyard Burger – offers a free drink for seniors with every purchase they make

Burger King – offers a 10% off every purchase for seniors with 60 plus years. They also get special discounts on soft drinks and coffee

McDonalds – offers seniors of 55 plus years discounts on coffee every day

Taco Bell – offers a 5% off all purchases for seniors of 65 plus which comes with free beverages.

Travel Senior Discounts

Senior citizens can travel with ease from a range of discounts they get from different airlines and travel agencies. Some of the best five travel discounts for seniors are:

British Airways – seniors who are AARP members can save anything from $60 to $200 on some of the flights.

American Airways – offers citizens of 65 plus years discount but you have to call in advance to find out what the offers are.

Greyhound Bus Services – offers a discount of 5% of all ticket costs to citizens of 62 plus years

Marriott Hotels – offers a discount of 15% off the expenses for citizens of 62 years and above

Hilton Hotels and Resorts – offers a 5% off their available rates for senior citizens who are AARP members.

Entertainment Discounts

If you want to have some fun, you can get discounts from some of the best entertainment places in your locality. Below are some of the best 5 entertainment places that offer senior discounts

US National Parks – offers citizens of 62 plus years a lifetime pass of $80, and 50% off any other additional costs which includes camping

AMC Theatres – offers citizens of 60 and above discount tickets of varying percentages depending on the season.

TripBeat – offers a 40% off on any of the vacation rentals worldwide destinations if you are staying for 7-nights.

Cinemark – offers senior citizens discounts on during participating days depending on location

SeaWorld Parks – has special annual passes for seniors aged 65 and above.

Pros and Cons of Senior Discounts


. Saving money for most of the items and services
. Feeling appreciated which boosts their morale and self esteem
. Special lanes especially for them when they are using scooters or walkers
. Given the first priority in queues in most places
. They have a wide choice of places to go to for discounts and can choose only the best


. Prices are not constant and discounts change from location to location
. In some places, senior citizens have to call beforehand in order to check if the discounts are still available.

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