Best Healthcare Products for Senior Citizens

Regardless of how old you are; we all tend to spend cash on products we need to better our daily lives. Aging in place is increasingly gaining popularity among the senior population. Seniors love their homes, cherish their independence and value their privacy. But doing this can be a big challenge as old age comes with an increase in needs and a decline in mobility, physical and mental health. While these changes can affect normal living, they offer you an opportunity to enjoy your golden years at a different pace. Slowing down and stopping are, however, two different things. Safety and security for seniors should not be taken lightly.

Senior citizens living independently need homes that are tailored for their unique needs and safety concerns. It is thoughtful to be proactive by purchasing tools and devices that make life easier for the elderly. We live in a tech and information abundance age. Thanks to innovative technology, there are hundreds of savvy and adaptive healthcare products and safety devices for senior living and health. The rise in the aging population has challenged the technology industry to come up with inventive solutions. More and more companies have joined in to address the unique needs of senior citizens and their caregivers.

Here at Ride With Ease, we understand that new technology can be confusing for senior citizens. That is why we are committed to recommending innovative technology with easy to use features. We consulted leading specialists in eldercare, aging and geriatrics to curate a list of �must-have’ healthcare products that will enable seniors to live a safer, happier, more comfortable and independent life.

Best Healthcare Products For Senior Citizens

In our previous posts, we have covered smart home technology and bathroom aids for seniors. In this article, we have prepared a list of 7 best healthcare products for senior citizens that will help protect you or your aging loved one at home.

  1. Medical Alerts (Personal Emergency Response Systems)
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Whether driving, jogging or just relaxing inside your home, knowing that help is just a click of a button away is reassuring. Falls, which are common among the elderly, can be fatal if you fail to get up and seek medical help. It is common to see wearable trackers and alerts for seniors these days. Just like fitness devices, these tiny devices can track your sleep patterns, calories and heart rate. What makes them suitable for seniors is the safety feature that allows seniors to make a distress signal in the event of a medical emergency. The device transmits your GPS location to the emergency contacts (listed family members) linked to it.

  1. Speech Assistance
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Conditions such as stroke can lead to severe difficulty with language and speech among the elderly. Finding the right communication aid is a considerate move to make sure that the quality of your aging loved one’s life is maintained. Gestures and sign language may help to some extent but thanks to advancements in technology, there are voice output communication aids (voca) and cutting-edge speech generating devices (SGD) to help seniors with speech problems to express themselves.

  1. Health Monitoring
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Over 70 percent of seniors above 65 years have hypertension. Seeing the doctor for �small things’ like monitoring blood pressure can be physically taxing for the elderly. A Home Blood Pressure (BP) monitor is a vital healthcare equipment that every senior citizen and caretaker should own. This device is crucial in assessing and optimizing the health and well-being of a senior. It’s not a must that you have hypertension to buy or use a home BP monitor. Changes in pulse or BP can help the GP to decide if you need urgent medical attention or not.

  1. Pill Organizers and Reminders
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It is a no-brainer that taking your medication as advised by the doctor will enable you to get well faster. As we grow old, we experience memory problems that make it hard to keep track of medication. If you are worried your aging loved one is under or over medicating, you can use an automatic pill reminder and dispenser to take care of this. Unlike ordinary pillboxes, these gadgets will remind you to take medication by pager, phone or email.

  1. Voice Assistants
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�Alexa, play Lady in Red.’ Thanks to voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo, it is now possible to have a virtual assistant connected to a smart speaker. You can connect these speakers to your smartphone and have an assistant that can help you perform infinite tasks. Voice assistants utilize sophisticated voice technology to help seniors with tasks like doctors’ appointment alerts.

  1. Hearing Assists
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Over 50 percent of seniors above 70 years have hearing loss according to the Department of Health and Human Services. Luckily, in the last two decades, hearing technology has undergone significant improvements. It is now possible to control your hearing via a smartphone app. Through Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily adjust sounds and generate customized settings for different environments. Next time you notice your old folks struggling to hear the news on television, surprise them with TV ears. This way they won’t have to put the volume to 100 to catch up on their favorite program. Other hearing assists can include amplified phones, earbuds and talking watches.

  1. Vision Aids
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Our sense of vision deteriorates with age and losing eyesight is one of the worst experience you can endure. Senior citizens represent the majority of visually impaired people. Magnification may help seniors with low vision. When shopping for items like books, watches, playing cards, calendars and remote control units for the elderly, it is vital to purchase items that ship with large buttons/print. But not all items come with low-vision versions. For such items consider purchasing an electronic magnification unit.


Whether you’re aging in place or residing in a senior facility, the healthcare products mentioned above will help you feel empowered, secure and independent. Before you pick a product, first evaluate your current living environment to determine whether the product in question could improve the quality and safety of your home. If you are shopping for an early Christmas present, take advantage of our list to surprise your older loved one this holiday season!

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