Best Jobs For Seniors Over 60

Retirement is changing and looking for a job isn’t just a concern for the younger population. Many seniors who are beyond the traditional age for calling it quits are now working either full time or part time. You don’t have to give up on employment just because you have retired from your full-time career. This can be attributed to the fact that senior citizens want to make some extra cash to retire comfortably or to kill boredom. Instead of being viewed as an end of an era, retirement should be seen as a beginning of a new and exciting phase of life. So what exactly are the best jobs for seniors over 60?

Even though a position may pay less than what you used to earn at the financial peak of your career, the job can be personally fulfilling and offer you opportunities to help the less fortunate in the society. A job that is a less stressful version of your former job can be a wonderful opportunity for keeping you occupied and challenged to stay active in the community. The challenge is finding the right job in an economy with a high unemployment rate. Jobs for older folks are not necessarily easy to spot. The good news is that jobs for seniors seem to be growing as there are occupations and industries that tend to employ the elderly. The economy increasingly needs the experience, wisdom and skills that mature employees offer.

Many old folks seek work for personal fulfillment as opposed to working for money. If you enjoy your current job and the benefits, you can choose to voluntarily stay. Unless you get something better to do, phased retirement lets you retain your current job but reduces the responsibility and working hours. By working on a flexible schedule, you will reap financial, social and medical benefits. You can alternatively enter a new field where you can learn new things in a fresh new industry.


When you embark on a search journey for best jobs for seniors over 60, you will first need to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much money do I need to earn?
  2. What is the motivation behind my job hunt?
  3. How much time am I willing to spend on the job? Do I want to work on a part time or full time basis?
  4. What kind of job would be rewarding for me?
  5. How much flexibility and responsibility do I want?
  6. What kind of retraining am I willing to engage in?
  7. Would I consider being my own boss?


We did some research here at to present to you best jobs for seniors over 60 that we think may be a good fit. From maintaining your lifelong career to pursuing a totally different career, the following job ideas will help you get started.

  1. Open A Retail Business

Starting your own business is not something new – entrepreneurship has been around for ages. Seniors are now starting their own businesses in droves. Over the years, you amass a wealth of experience that you can use to launch a successful business. Besides, you will be able to pick your opening and closing hours and set the pace of your work. If you are a retired sales manager, you can consider selling a product you really love. The internet has made it easy to start a new online store where you can sell a product of your choice. Any job expertise can be turned to a small business opportunity. The trick is understanding the demands and dynamics of running your own business.

  1. Tour Guide

If you know your town well and love meeting new people, you can be a tour guide. Tour guides have a good time in their lively job of impacting how visitors view your attractions or city. Visitors will be able to see and learn about a particular attraction or city through your guidance. You will be tasked with the responsibility of opening your visitors’ eyes to new scenic insights and paint a vivid tourist account of a place. As a tour guide, you will be required to maintain a friendly demeanor and memorize important info about their destination/s.

  1. Library Assistant/Aide

As a library assistant, you will be required to maintain a library’s books collection. If you have always loved books or worked as a librarian before, you can either work in a private or public library. Some of the work you will need to do includes cataloging, filing paper work, re-shelving, tracking overdue material, maintaining computer databases, and repairing a wide array of materials. If you are lucky enough to find a job in a large library system, be ready to handle shipping, ordering and accepting interlibrary loans.

  1. Tutor

You can also become a teaching assistant and use your knowledge to educate others in different settings. You can tutor through working with a public school under an after-school program, a private company or even tutor online. Tutoring has many opportunities. You can tutor students regardless of their ages, whether they are adults or in elementary school. You can help visitors learn English as a second language, or help kids master basic math.

  1. Consulting

As an elderly member of the society, one of the biggest advantages is that over time, you build up immense experience. This makes consulting on a part time or full time basis an ideal job. Consulting allows you to market the professional abilities you already have. If you cherish your career but want to spend less time working, you can try consulting and turn your network, expertise and experience to good advantage. You can choose to work with your previous employer or try out a new company in the industry.

  1. Volunteering (Nonprofit Work)

If you have always dreamt of making a positive impact in the society, volunteering should be your go-to job. Volunteering is one of the jobs that doesn’t pay that much but makes a whole lot of difference. There are hundreds of worthy causes you can choose to volunteer. You can work in
churches, libraries, schools, shelters, hospitals, international relief organizations and parks just to mention a few. If you value making a change in the world more than income, you will find volunteering rewarding.

  1. Athletic or Fitness Coach

As you may have noticed, many sports coaches are over 60 years of age. You can share your love of the game with a generation of budding sportsmen. The pay is not that good, but look on the brighter side. You will also work on the outdoors and keep fit yourself.

  1. Customer Care Representative

There are many companies hiring customer care representatives every now and then. Some companies will let you work from home which is convenient as you would not have to spend money on transport and other costs. If you are tech savvy with customer care experience, this role might be exactly what you need.

  1. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

If you are a pet owner, you may want to consider this job. Turn your love for pets into a pert time job. As a dog walker, you will help to take care of other dog owners’ four-legged companions during the day when they are at work. You can pet sit your neighbors pets when they are out of town and earn some extra cash. Pets are known to have healing effects on people, especially the elderly. Take advantage of the interaction with pooches to get some therapeutic benefits and make some money on the side.

  1. Blogging

If you love reading and writing, you can consider starting up your own blog. Blogging doesn’t need a specific training or educational requirements. You just need to know how to type in a computer, have a way with words and you’re good to go! Platforms like WordPress have made it easy to start up a new blog. Be it a sports, fashion or fitness blog, you will earn some extra bucks by monetizing your site. Over time, as your audience grows, you will be able to earn even more from selling merchandise, advertising and affiliate marketing.


Working at an old age can provide you with an amazing opportunity to work on your own terms. There are different ways to leverage your experience and passion into a gratifying post-retirement career. It is imperative to consider what motivates your work in retirement before picking a suitable job. Go through the above list of best jobs for seniors over 60 and a pick a job that best suits you.

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