Best Medical Alert Devices for Senior Citizens

It can be debilitating to find yourself at home and alone with no one nearby to help assist you in case of an emergency. Senior citizens care experts all share the opinion that medical alert devices play a crucial role in saving lives by getting medical help fast where it is needed. With a simple push of a button, information about your location is sent out to family or medical companies and response is sent to you immediately.

Important Factors to Consider when Buying a Medical Alert Device

When you can’t walk very fast or your reflexes are not as quick, measures need to be put in place to ensure that senior citizens are safe at all times. If a person’s safety is at stake, a reliable medical alert device can help find quick help in case of an emergency. But do you know what you need to consider when you venture out looking to purchase a medical alert device? Here are a few tips;

Quality of Equipment

How do you measure quality? By looking at battery life or power back up and asking if it is waterproof. The presence of power back up and a good battery means the medical alert device will not break down on you when you least expect it. On the other hand, waterproof ability means the device will remain effective even when it comes into contact with water. Note that, over 60% of falls happen in the bathroom, if a device is not waterproof, this may significantly reduce its quality hence limiting its usefulness.

Comfort of the Wearables

Many medical alert devices come in a number of units. In one package you may find a wristband, a pendant or necklace, and a wall or main response unit. Some wristbands can be rough on the skin while other neck pendants are made of irritating materials and may come in an unlikely color, design, or may feel heavy. Medical alert wearables should be comfortable and come in inconspicuous colors that do not attract attention if, for instance, you are out taking a walk. The best medical alert devices for senior citizens are designed to resemble normal necklaces and wrist watches.

Response Time and Customer Care

A good medical alert device for senior citizens should have the shortest call and response time. Many devices require one to preprogram a few contacts. The contacts could belong to family members, police, ambulance service or the hospitals accidents and emergencies unit. It should take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute for a confirmation call to come through to assess the situation. The medical operator on call whether present physically or over the alert device should be empathetic, professional and thorough in doing his or her job.

Best Medical Alert Devices for Senior Citizens

1. V.ALRT Personal Emergency Response Device

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Certainly one of the most functional devices out in the market that senior citizens will find valuable. It has a customizable smartphone call or message function that is instantly activated once you press the emergency button. It is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your purse or worn discreetly as a wristband, pendant or belt clip. It has automatic fall detection, is waterproof and has up to one year’s worth of battery power after which it may require replacement.


. Automatic fall detection
. Waterproof
. Compatible with Android and iOS
. Non-rechargeable battery up to one year
. Sends GPS location to emergency contacts
. Sends text or call response to three preset contacts


. The alert device has too many functions which can be complex for a senior citizen to grip all at the same time.

2. Freedom Talk 2-way Voice Emergency Alert System

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Whether you are in the shower, the backyard or anywhere within a 600 ft radius from the main unit, you can press the emergency button and call for help. A complete package includes a neck pendant and the main unit. Senior citizens can use the neck pendant to ask for help and receive assistance from responding operators. It also comes free of monthly fees and has the ability to store up to 5 contacts including 911. It is designed to offer ease of operation and guarantees comfort when worn at all times.


. Wide coverage, 600ft radius
. 2-way voice alert
. Stores up to 5 contacts
. Use pendant to answer calls
. Water resistant


. This medical alert device is ineffective if you are outside the range of 600 ft radius.

3. SOS Senior HELP Dialer Medical Alert System

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Designed with two panic buttons one on a wristband and the other on a necklace, this medical alert device is a must-have for any senior citizens. It can call up to three preset contacts on your phone and play your own personalized voice message. It also conveniently includes a pacemaker that is only effective if you are within a range of 100ft. The SOS senior help dialer medical alert system allows for two way communication using an in-built speakerphone that one can still use from several rooms away. If you are caught in the rain while wearing it, do not worry, this medical alert device is completely water resistant and its effectiveness is not affected.


. Two-way communication
. Stores up to 3 contacts and plays customized voice message
. Inbuilt pacemaker, up to 100ft range
. Two panic buttons on wristband and necklace
. waterproof
. Inbuilt speakerphone


. It may seem overwhelming for some senior citizens to put on a wristband and a necklace at the same time.

4. Home and Wellness Medical Alert Device

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This stylish looking medical alert device has automatic fall detection, Wi-Fi, GPS, Cellular triangulation and can work whether you are at home or outside doing some light errands. It is designed to wear as a necklace and is just the right size to fit in your pockets or purse. It is waterproof and built-in protective material in case the device slips and falls. Senior citizens who purchase this alert device can have 2-way voice communication and go up to 30 days without having to recharge it again. By far one of the best medical alert devices for senior citizens out in the market.


. Attractive modern design
. Wi-Fi enabled
. 2-way voice communication
. Cellular triangulation
. A single charge can power device up to 30 days
. 100% effective whether in the house or outside


. This particular device only features a neckpiece which may be limiting for senior citizens who are looking for many units in a single purchase.


Statistics show that over 250,000 people over 65 years of age are admitted in hospital every year after sustaining hip fractures. 95% of all this cases are sustained after slipping, tripping or falling. These numbers show why senior citizens need medical alert devices and just how important they are. The phone may not always be within reach and one is not guaranteed that there will always be someone around. It is advisable to take your own safety into your own hands by having a good medical alert device. Aforementioned are some reliable and average priced devices you can choose from.

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