Best Oximeters On the Market Buyers Guide

Best Oximeters Buyers Guide

The purpose of oximeters is to show your oxygen level in the blood as well as your heart rate. With oximeters, you can continuously monitor your oxygen levels so that you can immediately identify any abnormality in the reading and seek medical attention as fast as possible. It is important to keep on checking your oxygen levels since; too low levels might lead to complications or might be an indication of an illness. There are many types of oximeters including finger pulse oximeters, handheld oximeters, and wrist pulse oximeters among others. Buying the best oximeter might be a daunting task and that is why we have prepared this guide to help you make an informed buying decision.

Why Use Oximeters?

Oximeters are very crucial in helping you know the oxygen level in your blood. Oxygen is very important element in the body as it helps the cells function properly. Low levels of oxygen might lead to life threatening complications like asthma especially when they are not detected early. Therefore, oximeters helps a person continuously monitor their oxygen levels. The optimum reading for oximeters in people who do have any pulmonary issues is between 95 – 99 % oxygen levels.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Oximeter

Ease of use

Finger oximeters are the easiest to operate since all you have do is place them on your fingertips and you get the reading. However, different devices have differing digital displays and you should choose the one with the simplest readings.


It is very important for a health device to be accurate as its readings can be a cause of alarm. Therefore, while choosing an oximeter, make sure that you go for the one with accurate readings to avoid unnecessary panic due to incorrect readings.

Additional features

Some oximeters come with an alarm so that you are alerted when something is not right. Others also come with extra batteries and also a carrying case for easier and safer mobility.


You should also look for an oximeter with a long battery life. It should also be durable. It is very discouraging to find out that your oximeter’s batteries have run out when you need to check your pulse or oxygen levels. Additionally, look for an oximeter that has a long shelf life.

Types of Oximeters

Fingertip Oximeters

The fingertip oximeters are the most common since they are very simple to use. They are easy to carry around sine they are small in size. Most people who do not have any medical condition use fingertip oximeters to continuously monitor their oxygen levels. To get the reading, the oximeter is placed on the earlobe or the fingertip and the readings are displayed on the digital screen. If your finger or ear lobe is too cold, the machine might not give an accurate reading.

Handheld Oximeters

Handheld oximeters are mostly found in hospitals and other health institutions. However, they can also be used at home although they are more complicated than their fingertip counterparts. The oximeters have a cable that is attached to a separate screen which shows the oxygen levels as well as the user’s heart rate.

Wrist Oximeters

The only difference between a finger oximeter and a wrist oximeter is that the latter is worn on the wrist. Basically, the two machines operate in the same way only that the wrist oximeter is larger than the fingertip oximeter.

Fetal Pulse Oximeter

As the name suggests, this oximeter is used to check the health of a fetus. The machine has a probe that is attached on the unborn baby’s skull to determine if everything is ok with the fetus. It is very important in diagnosing any pulmonary complications in the unborn child.

Pediatric Oximeter

These are specially designed oximeters for babies. They are specifically designed to perfectly fit on the baby’s finger and toes. They can also be wrapped around the baby’s ankles.

Top Oximeters for Home Use

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This finger oximeter is easy to use and has cool additional features. On the top of the list is its alarm feature. In case your oxygen levels fall or you have an irregular heart rate, then you will be alerted by the device’s alarm.

Key Features

. Has an alarm to alert you of irregular heart rate or low oxygen levels.
. Comes with extra batteries, a carrying case ad also an instruction manual for easier operation
. You buy and start using it immediately
. Very easy to operate and you get the hang of it even if you are using it for the first time.
. It is very light therefore easy to carry along.
. Has a clear digital display
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This oximeter is Bluetooth enabled so you can connect your oximeter to your electric devices. Additionally, it tracks your respiration and PVI (Pleth Variability Index). It is also extremely accurate in comparison to other oximeters in the same category.

Key Features

. Gives you very accurate readings
. It is Bluetooth enabled so that you can get your readings from other electronic devices like your PC or tablet.
. You can connect it to the Massimo health app
. Has a very clear digital display
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The SantaMedical is one of the best oximeters in the market. The device conveniently and accurately measures your pulse rate as well as your oxygen levels. It also has a one button functionality which makes it very easy to operate.

Key Features

. Its finger clip is self-adjusting so that it fits in fingers of various sizes.
. Its display is easy to read even under direct light
. It has very low power consumption
. It uses commonly available AAA batteries
. Notifies the user of their oxygen level almost instantaneously
. It has an automatic power off feature.
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The best feature of this oximeter is that it comes with a wrist or neck cord which makes it portability easy. Additionally, it is very affordable and it powers itself off automatically. It is very convenient for athletes and everyday casual users.

Key Features

. Comes with a neck or wrist cord for easier portability
. It has a very comfortable finger placement
. It has a very efficient power consumption system
. Uses AAA batteries
. Has a one year warranty
. Suitable to be used by people of all age groups


Oximeters are very important accessories especially for people with medical conditions or those who lead an active lifestyle. Accuracy, reliability and ease of use are some of the factors to consider while buying an oximeter. We believe that this guide will make your oximeter buying decision easy.

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