Best Retirement Cities for Active Seniors

What are the best retirement cities for active seniors? Read on, to learn the facts.

Many active seniors want to stay physically active and mentally sharp long after retirement, and the choice of city to live in plays a major role in that. Gone are the days when the elderly just wanted to sit in the rocking chair and watch their grandkids play. Active seniors now want more out of their golden years by settling in economically vibrant cities with social and recreational activities, history and diversity, exceptional healthcare, and affordable housing. When it comes to how cities rank as retirement destinations based on the mentioned factors, some cities are better than others. If you have been unsuccessfully searching for a city with a host of retirement-friendly activities this article is for you. From fitness centers to golf courses, our list has cities that have it all.

Factors To Consider 

  1. Climate– climate plays a major role in picking a retirement destination. If your loved one is tired of cold winters, you can help them relocate to warmer areas. Some active seniors are affected by extreme weather conditions which makes sense to move them to cities with friendly climates.
  2. .Family and friends – loneliness creeps in with old age. You should assess if your old folks are comfortable staying away from their family and friends. If they are comfortable with making new friends, there are plenty of cities you can consider.
  3. Activities– there are many activities that active seniors can engage in as they enter retirement including golfing, swimming, dancing, mountain biking or even volunteering. If your aged loved ones have hobbies they wish to continue, check out the local clubs and associations before making a decision.
  4. Healthcare– at their old age, seniors require frequent medical attention. Your city of choice should have quality care nearby in case of urgent medical attention or if you have a specific medical need.
  5. Cost of living– affordability comes to play for most active seniors when deciding which city to live. Financial factors you need to consider in your list of concerns includes city’s overall cost of living, median income, and taxation. If your loved ones plan to save money while in retirement, it is advisable to go for the cheapest cities to retire.

The primary reason why seniors move in retirement is to be closer to their families. Whatever state you pick for retirement, there’s a promising city to settle down. Here at, we’ve done extensive research by sifting through data on hundreds of cities to present to your 10 of the best retirement destinations. We took into account availability of modern health care and recreational facilities, average effective tax rates, walk score, living costs and active senior citizens population. Lists are fun to read but when it boils down to make critical decisions like retirement destinations, things get personal real quick.

10 Best Retirement Cities For Active Seniors

Take a look at our picks for best retirement cities for active seniors and pick one that addresses your concerns.

  1. Santa Barbara, California

Located between Santa Ynez Mountains and its awe-inspiring beaches, this city offers a lot to explore. Not only is the city budget friendly, but a big percentage of the population consists of active seniors. This means that your loved one has a higher chance of making new friends. If you are not a big fan of shopping, you can get some exercise walking down the streets. Santa Barbara has more to offer than recreational activities for active seniors looking to maintain an active lifestyle. A popular wine destination, seniors will enjoy exploring this beautiful city, doing boutique shopping and fine dining.

  1. Bethesda, Maryland

Bethesda is a master planned city with everything a retiree could possibly want. The favorable tax policies will make it easier for your loved one to stretch their pension over their retirement period. You will also find plenty of engaging attractions and cultural venues to explore in the city. Bethesda boasts a golfer’s paradise and abundance of healthcare options for senior citizens. Bethesda has a high volunteerism rate, affordable housing and low transportation costs. Add this to the impressive active seniors’ employment rate for the elderly looking to add some money to their retirement fund and you will understand why we included this city in our list.

  1. Bellingham, Washington

Even though this city is characterized by long rains, many senior citizens have chosen to call Bellingham their home. This can be attributed to plenty of opportunities for adventure and fun. From a vibrant art scene to sailing, Bellingham has something for everyone. Proximally located near Canada, your loved one can cross the border and see what the other side has to offer. Bellingham boasts a senior citizens population of over 10 percent, so your loved ones are sure to have plenty of company for speed-boating or fishing. The cost of living sis slightly higher than other cities but it is easier to get a job as the unemployment rate being below the national average.

  1. Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington is one of the best cities in the US to own investment property. The city also boasts a low effective tax rate and a sizable retiree population. If your aged loved one is looking to buy a retirement home, Wilmington should be a top choice for them. Wilmington has a lot to offer to active citizens who want to make the most out of their retirement with affordable housing options, high walkability score (72), volunteer opportunities and group activities.

  1. West Palm Beach, Florida

The City of West Palm Beach is an appealing place to retire. There is no shortage of things to do in West Palm Beach. The city runs several social and recreational programs for active seniors looking to engage in new activities. Famously outdoorsy, there is something for everyone in this city. Paths for cycling and walking are everywhere, which makes the city senior-friendly. The city offers high-end restaurants, outdoor activities and volunteer opportunities. West Palm Beach also has an impressive rates of doctors per capita.

  1. Pittsburg

If you are looking for a small town vibe, then Pittsburg should be among your top considerations. Many studies have ranked Pittsburg as one of the most lovable cities. Besides the low cost of living, Pittsburg also boasts a low crime rate, exceptional infrastructure, several institutions of higher learning, and a medical care hub. If your loved ones intends to spend their pensions for longer, they will love the tax-friendly nature of this city. The only downside for Pittsburg is the extreme winter conditions.

  1. Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach is a picturesque city you should require for your aging loved one’s retirement days. Not only are there several outdoor activities, but senior citizens will also enjoy boutiques, galleries and coffee shops. Boasting a senior adult’s population of approximately 20 percent, Newport Beach has all the basic necessities an active senior may need. The city also performs excellently in ratings for bicycle friendliness and low crime rate.

  1. Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington is a nature-minded, cultured city that is home to over six thousand senior residents. The cost of living in Bloomington is below average. There are plenty of things to do and see in this laid back city. If your aged loved one wants to have a part-time job, there are plenty of employment opportunities in Bloomington.

  1. Lewiston, Maine

Lewiston is a small city in the North of Portland that will offer your loved one the best summers and winter. The joy of retirement is the ability to enjoy the little pleasures of life, like the beauty of seeing snow falling to the ground or enjoying the fresh air of the countryside. The cost of living in Lewiston is comparatively lower which attracts thousands of senior citizens who enjoy the changes in seasons. You can get a decent house for rent with a limited budget, thanks to the city’s affordable housing policy. The art and culture scene is also vibrant.

  1. Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is quickly cementing its position as one of the most sought after retirement destination in the United States. With new culture centers, art galleries, shopping centers, antique shops and restaurants being opened, the city is an ideal place to spend your sunset years. The city’s weather is dry and warm all year long meaning that your loved one can engage in year round outdoor activities like biking, hiking, swimming, golfing and tennis.


It’s never too early, or too late to plan for the retirement that your aged loved ones deserves. Our list for best retirement cities for active seniors has affordable cities for retirees that are not ready to live a retiree lifestyle. If you want your loved one to just relax and get away from it all, you should consider the above mentioned cities. They will help active seniors to enjoy new experiences and maintain an active lifestyle.

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