Best Rollator to Suit Your Needs

What Is The Best Rollator?

Getting old shouldn’t render you incapable of safely getting from A to B. We know, however, that sometimes a walking stick simply won’t cut it and your body calls for something slightly more secure. If your legs are still carrying you around, then a rollator is the perfect midpoint between a walking stick and a wheelchair.

Rollators provide the security the elderly need while on the move, without entirely stripping away the independence of self-movement.

Choosing the best rollator to suit your elderly needs requires consideration and comparison. We took the time to compare our favorite three models so you can get back on the move ASAP.

What follows is a comprehensive look at three rollators currently on the market. We have weighed the specifications, pros and cons of each one to assist you in making your decision.

Best Rollator Reviews

Hugo Elite Rollator

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An important point to consider when investing in one of these units is what is required to set it up. This model by Hugo is ideal because its setup is entirely tool-free. That places it high on our user-friendly list.


This rollator is a practical model to assist elderly individuals walk between spaces safely. Both under seat and front pouch storage provide a safe place to keep your valuables while on the move.

The attached compartments offer storage for anything the user may need to bring along but isn’t able to physically carry. If your condition requires you to carry medical equipment (medication, devices or more) with you at all times, this makes it easier to manage your situation—they will always be within reach.

The handbrake is located underneath the handles, also for easy access. There is a front wheel brake as well should you need to park the rollator or sit and rest for a few minutes.

We like that Hugo offers this model in either red or blue depending on your taste. Aesthetics still matter and shouldn’t be forgotten in any niche, especially where it becomes an integral part of someone’s day.

This particular unit is the preferred rollator for the more active elderly. You can opt to incorporate it into your workout routines (those targeted at elderly people). Leg exercises in particular can be quite simple to do with the help of these units, as long as you follow experts’ advice.


  • Affordable
  • Tool-free setup
  • Color options available


  • Height not adjustable

Drive Medical Rollator

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This is one of the more lightweight and easily transportable rollators on the market. This isn’t only a user-friendly feature around the home, but makes it possible to use this in many environments you’re used to going to. Perfect if you love being out and about.


The Drive Medical is a fully adjustable unit that can be made to suit users of any height.

Two handbrakes ensure that crises can always be averted. This makes it a wonderful companion to the elderly person who values their freedom. Walking through a shopping mall, strolling through the park or even getting yourself to the restroom doesn’t have to cause anxiety. This one can cope with various terrains.

One of the great things about this quality rollator is that you’ll enjoy it as much outdoors as indoors. Since it’s light and can be easily transported to any outdoor area, you can now move around freely in the environments you still love.

The onboard storage is only available in the under-seat area; there are no other attached pouches. It still, however, has ample storage for your personal belongings.

Drive Medical claims to have designed this unit with comfort, safety and convenience in mind and we must agree. We would have great peace of mind knowing our loved ones were making use of this device.


  • Height adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Storage space available


  • Pricy

Medline Premium Empower

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get more impressive we bring you the Empower by Medline. From comfort, to functionality to safety—this unit excels in each. When you get so much value for money, it’s a great budget buy, even if it’s slightly more expensive than you thought it would be. It will serve you well in the long run.


We love that Medline took the time to make each adjustment point on the unit a bright yellow color. Next to the rest of the blue of the rollator, these points are easily identifiable. For the elderly who may have limited sight, this is a welcome feature.

Both the seat and back rest are covered in thick memory foam for extra comfort.

We also love the added bonus of a cup holder for a water bottle or coffee mug. You won’t have to rely on others for mobility or basic movement, or even holding your beverage for you. This model supports you in many everyday tasks. Enjoying independence once again is already worth the cost of this unit.

The rollator is fully adjustable to suit all human heights and widths. The Medline range uses lightweight and heavy duty materials in the construction of each rollator. Each unit folds as flat as the rest, making transporting the rollator around very simple.


  • Affordable
  • Identifiable adjustment points
  • Memory foam comfort


  • Only under-seat storage


The thought of not being able to safely roam the planet the way you once could is no doubt a daunting notion. A rollator restores your ability to roam free, even temporarily, for at least a little while longer.

We’ll say it again – getting old should not render you incapable of safely moving between point A and point B. Read and repeat.

Use this buyer’s guide and the reviews to identify the best rollator for your daily walking needs. Whether safety, comfort or budget is your biggest concern, there is one just right for you. Investing in a rollator is about more than just gaining mobility. It’s about maintaining both your freedom and independence.

Make this your priority and roll on!

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