Best Smartphones For the Elderly

Have you ever wondered what are the best smartphones for the elderly? Read on to learn the facts.

Technology for the most part, is a young man’s game. With the rapid growth of the internet over the last decade, there has been a dramatic wave of impressive smart phones and other gadgets which have changed the way we do things. Most of these changes – as you have probably noted, have been designed to satiate the desires and demands of the modern day tech consumer; the young man/woman. Perhaps unbeknownst to most people, is that senior citizens can be as tech savvy as their younger counterparts. However, with old age comes significant challenges in how your parents or senior citizens consume technology. Think for instance of the challenges that come with constrained eyesight , weaker bones, a higher likelihood to drop things, and so on. The good news is that this significant demographic has not been ignored. In fact, there is a wide variety of smartphones available in the market that are suited for the needs and demands of senior citizens.


Some of the key considerations that smartphone manufacturers have observed include much simpler displays and larger screens suited for senior citizens. There is also a notable focus on durability for those customers who may have issues dropping the phone. Some phones are also fitted with emergency response capabilities for senior citizens with health concerns. These features however vary with each device and no one device is completely fitted with all these features.


So if you are in the market for a cool smartphone for your parents – or are beginning to experience the challenges that come with old age, here is a list of the best smartphones for the elderly that you can get your hands on today.
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The Jitterbug smartphone is an excellent option for the tech savvy senior citizen. It is an upgrade to the more basic jitterbug flip phone, and packs more of the same features including a simple and easy to navigate interface and an emergency response app. This device combines smartphone capabilities with a unique design tailor made for senior citizens.
The Jitterbug smartphone comes with all the common features you would expect in a smartphone. These include email capabilities, internet access and texting functionalities. This phone also comes with both front and rear facing cameras to capture those special moments. The device is pretty handy, boasting a 5.5 inch touchscreen coupled with simple menus for ease of navigation. This makes it one of the simplest smartphones for use by senior citizens.
The Jitterbug smartphone also has pre-installed applications for emergency response, and supports hearing aids making it an ideal option.
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For the tech savvy and intensive tech consumer, Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus is an easy option. This device has sharp display, a large screen, and very fast performance. What you stand to gain from this device is a variety of premium features and a 5.5 inch display which makes it easy on the the eyes.
The iPhone 8 Plus allows fast connectivity while also presenting the option to switch from iPhone to iPad when you need a larger screen. Although pricier than most options, the iPhone 8 Plus full glass durable design ensures that you or your loved ones don’t have to worry so much even after dropping the phone frequently.
3. The GrandPad
You may have some concerns over the vulnerability of your loved ones over the internet. Senor citizens are after-all vulnerable to spam callers, phishing attacks alongside other risky internet business. The GrandPad is an excellent choice for you. This device is a smartphone/tablet that will allow senior citizens to stay connected. It comes with an 8 inch full high definition display. This device also has large menu icons for easy navigation.
If you have an elderly person under your care, you can set up the GrandPad and add a list of phone numbers and email addresses allowing your loved ones to connect. This also allows you to screen against spam callers and phishing emails.
The GrandPad has email, video, and voice call capabilities. It also supports social media platforms, so that your loved ones can stay connected with other family members without needing to set up their own separate accounts.
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The Samsung Galaxy S9 plus has a giant 6.2 inch display which means that you will not have much trouble with visuals. The large display will allow you to increase text size for easy viewing. It also comes fitted with ease of access features, including facial recognition, a finger print scanner, and an iris scanner.
This device also comes with a very high quality camera, coupled with impressive responsiveness allowing you to take photos and share with family members very easily. This is an excellent option for senior tech savvy consumers who demand high responsiveness and a larger display.
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The Moto G6 retails at about $249.99, which makes it an affordable alternative to those who cannot afford the much pricier Samsung Galaxy S9 plus and the iPhone 8 plus. It also includes most of the same features, including a full metal frame design, a sharp and full HD display and a large 5.7 inch screen which allows increasing text size without compromising space. This device has a glass back and front which means you may need to get a case if you are worried about dropping it from time to time.
The Moto G6 has special gesture controls, fingerprint reader and allows for social media, email, voice, text and video connectivity. It also has a water repellent coating which means that some accidental water will not necessarily ruin the device.
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The One Plus 6 offers fast performance, a large display, and an easy to use android operating system. This makes it a perfectly good choice for seniors. Unlike most smartphones, this device has a simple interface on a large 6.28 inch display which makes it a notable rival to the Galaxy S9 Plus but at a much lower price.
This device also comes with some notable features, including water resistance. Like most other smartphones, it is recommended that you buy a suited case to limit the damage and tear which comes with frequent dropping of the phone.
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