Best Testosterone Boosters for Senior Citizens

In the last five decades, the life expectancy in America has risen from 70 t0 78 years. The United States has one of the largest populations of senior citizens in the world. There’s no debate that seniors are redefining what it means to be 60 years old and older. Growing older is a natural part of life. Maintaining energy and vitality in seniors requires a healthy diet, regular exercising and adequate sleep. But with old age, keeping up with these activities can be a challenge. A drop in testosterone level can lead to a decline in muscle mass, bone density, sperm count, sexual drive, cognitive function and red blood cell count. Some seniors have much more of a testosterone drop than others do. If you have low testosterone levels, you are more at risk to heart attacks, strokes and hip fractures.

There has been a significant interest in the clinical utility of supplementation among senior citizens in recent years. More and more seniors are turning to testosterone boosters that contain male enhancing properties. You have probably seen ads for supplemental testosterone on TV and magazines. These supplements marketing themselves as T-boosters and have libido-enhancing, T-boosting and fertility increasing properties. Testosterone use among seniors continues to gain popularity. Testosterone boosters are undoubtedly the most advanced aging solutions currently available in the market.

What Causes Low Testosterone in Seniors?

The average testosterone levels in men drop by 1 percent each year after hitting 30 years and continues throughout the rest of your life according to the Mayo Clinic. By the time you hit 60, your testosterone level has dropped by approximately 30 percent. Besides age, a testosterone deficiency medically referred to as male hypogonadism can also lead to low testosterone level. This condition can be caused by problems in the pituitary glands, hypothalamus or testicles. If you have HIV/AIDS or have experienced an injury to your testicles, you are more at risk for this condition. Other risk factors for hypogonadism include radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Symptoms of this condition include anemia, decreased muscle mass and sex drive, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, infertility, erectile dysfunction, loss of bone mass and a decrease in body hair growth. If you notice any of these symptoms, seek medical attention. The doctor will run blood tests and physical exams to determine the cause.

Do Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

Yes, they do. Testosterone refers to a male hormone produced by the testicles that helps to develop and maintain sexual and reproductive function. This hormone is also responsible for maintaining red blood cells, bone density, and muscle bulk. Testosterone boosters have ingredients that help to convince the body to generate more testosterone. By helping return low levels of testosterone back to a healthy equilibrium, you will achieve an extra edge in losing weight, gaining muscles and lasting longer in the bedroom.

To help you find the best testosterone boosters for senior citizens, we weeded out the duds and rounded up 5 of the top supplements for seniors in the market today. If you are a senior, you should avoid testosterone boosters meant for younger bodybuilders as they lack ingredients beneficial to you. We will break down their ingredients and effectiveness to help you decide whether or not they are the best testosterone supplement for you.

Let’ get started!

  1. Prime Labs; Men’s Testosterone Booster
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Without a shadow of a doubt the most important supplement that a man over 50 can take, pre or post workout, is a Testosterone Booster. And Prime Labs Testosterone Booster is one of the very best available to buy. You would really be hard pushed to find another supplement on the market that so effectively raises testosterone levels in your body.

As we get older the amount of testosterone that our body produces reduces drastically, this can affect many areas of our life, but it hits hardest with our strength, libido, and overall muscularity.

All of the aforementioned supplements are important for your pre-workout routine, but if you can only do one, make sure it’s this testosterone booster, as it’s certain to have the most dramatic effect on your workout routine and the gains you get thereafter. You’re only 50, dude, you’re not done yet, get this right, lift big and you’ll soon find yourself in the best shape of your life.

  1. TestRX
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TestRX is another testosterone booster causing waves in the supplement industry due to its efficiency. If you are looking to enhance sexual drive, gain bigger muscles, boost your strength and achieve weight loss, TestRX is the best supplement for you. According to the manufacturer, the booster is 100 percent natural and has NO side effects. Now let’s look at the active ingredients to understand this booster better. TestRX is rich in Vitamins D3 (boosts testosterone), K2 (stabilizes testosterone levels) and B6 (enhances testosterone production). Magnesium and D-Aspartic Acid in this supplement will help in testosterone production and cardiovascular health while Zinc will enhance your sexual performance. Fenugreek Seed extract is another ingredient that has been scientifically proven to minimize body fat while increasing male testosterone levels.

  1. Beast Sports Nutrition SuperTest
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This supplement has a combination of active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to help increase your natural testosterone levels. The ingredients include Fenugreek, Magnesium, Zinc, Longjack and Vitamin B6. The combination of all these ingredients will help enhance your sex life and help you gain lean muscle. Magnesium supplementation in seniors enhances muscle performance and improves testosterone levels. Often found in Persian, Turkish and Indian cuisines, Fenugreek improves sexual performance, mood and mental alertness in aging men. Longjack is another ingredient in SuperTest that acts as a libido booster. Hailing from Southeast Asia, this ingredient also improves muscular strength and testosterone levels in active seniors. Zinc increases your fertility while Vitamin B6 will help you achieve optimal health and performance.

  1. TestoFuel by Roar Ambition
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This supplement has been proven to contain ingredients that offer men over 60 many health benefits. The 5 key ingredients in this booster are D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), Fenugreek, Ginseng, Vitamin D and Oyster Extract. Oyster Extract is rich in Zinc that helps improve reproductive function in aging males while Ginseng enhances mood and improves cognitive ability. Whether you want to feel your libido firing on all cylinders or build those muscles, TestoFuel will help you do that naturally and safely. This 100 percent naturally formulated booster will also elevate your mood,
confidence and motivation to help you enjoy your golden years. With a 90-day money back guarantee, worldwide shipping from the US and NO side effects, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give TestoFuel a try.

  1. TestoTEK by TEKNaturals
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TestoTEK has all the essential natural ingredients you would need in a testosterone booster for seniors, and they are represented in high potencies to help you increase your testosterone levels. With 12 active ingredients, this supplement is competitively priced when compared with other boosters in this list. Ingredients include Zinc, D-Aspartic Acid, Siberian Ginseng, Fenugreek, Oyster Extract, Vitamin D3, Mucuna Pruriens (testosterone boosting ingredient), Stinging Nettle Root (eliminates sex hormone binding globulin that limits the amount of free testosterone in your body), Vitamin K (strengthening bones and enhancing cardiovascular heart health), and B-Complex Vitamins. TestoTEK will help you improve performance both in bed and the gym, stimulate your testosterone levels and increase muscle production.

       6. Spartagen XT

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Starting us off is Spartagen XT, a supplement that many seniors swear by. This booster will help you bulk up in less than 14 days and increase your sex drive in a few days. To understand this booster better, let’s have a look at its ingredients. This booster packs Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamins D, E and B6 to directly or indirectly increase your testosterone levels. Tribulus herb is an ingredient responsible for increasing libido and quality semen production in seniors. Tongkat Ali is another Malaysian male enhancement herb that raises free testosterone. To improve your sexual performance, Spartagen TX packs Butea Superba and Korean Red Ginseng. The latter additionally treats weaker erections in seniors.


Testosterone boosters for senior citizens, just like dietary supplements, are not regulated by the FDA. Even �safe’ ingredients can be harmful or toxic at higher doses. It is up to you to read the labels and use the supplements correctly. Excess Magnesium, for instance, can affect your kidneys. If you or your aging loved one has a history of heart disease or are under any type of blood-thinner medication, it’s best to avoid testosterone boosters as they can get really dangerous, really fast. To be safe, keep your GP on the loop when you add any booster with unproven ingredients.

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