Best Travel for Senior Citizens in the United States

The dream of spending your sunset years traveling the world does not have to be shelved because of poor excuses like lack of senior-friendly travel destinations in the United States or a limited budget in retirement. The United States is a popular travel destination with several great places to visit. Senior citizens have a much more travel flexibility than other age groups as they have less distractions and commitments. Any avid traveler will tell you that some holiday destinations suit some age groups better than others. Regardless of your budget, there is a vacation destination for you. More and more travel companies have adapted their facilities and services to the needs of senior travelers. There are culture-rich places to visit in the United States that appeal more to senior travelers. Travel within the United States can be more spontaneous than overseas because you are not required to secure visas, check passport expiry dates or get foreign currency. Such areas have plenty of historic architecture, local markets, parks and museums all proximally located within short-haul distance. By taking advantage of senior discounts in the United States, you can cut costs, broaden your horizon and exhilarate your spirit in your golden years.

Ensuring a smooth and relaxing trip for senior travelers doesn’t need to be complicated. The trick is planning early, looking for a specialized elderly travel insurance and taking into account your fitness and health levels. Here at, we have prepared an extensive list of the most popular travel destinations for seniors. We sifted through various travel websites and sought for information from actual experiences from senior citizens. The list is meant to help you narrow down your search and present to you a well-researched guidelin of best travel for senior citizens in the United States.

Important considerations when searching for a senior-friendly travel destination in the United States

  • Access to medical facilities.
  • Access to basic amenities.
  • Easy accessibility for senior citizens with limited mobility.
  • Attractions and activities for seniors.

10 Best Places For Seniors To Travel to in the United States

Let’s dive straight into our list of best travel for senior citizens in the United States.

  1. Disney World, Florida

When you hear Disney World, the first thing that comes to mind are the sounds and sights of excited kids and long queues. Well, in recent years, the ambiance in Disney World has shifted a lot. Florida is an amazing year-round travel destination for senior citizens with accessible transportation options and amenities seniors may require. There is a mass transit system in Disney World that allows you to travel from one point to the other quickly and comfortably. A number of Florida’s popular tourist attractions are senior friendly with reliable support staff. With plenty of accommodations, access to wheel chairs and exquisite restaurants to choose from, Florida is a great destination for senior travelers.

  1. Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular vacation destination among senior travelers in the United States. Featuring sandy beaches and a relaxed island lifestyle, it’s no wonder that many senior travelers planning domestic trips have Hawaii in their bucket lists. Make your golden years worthwhile by planning a trip to Hawaii today. Take advantage of senior travel and flight discounts to visits this dream destination.

  1. Corpus Christi, Texas

When you think of Texas, the first cities that come to mind are Austin, Dallas and Houston. Corpus Christi is a mid-sized coastal city that is a perennial favorite with senior travelers. Senior will enjoy the civilized lifestyle, rich architectural history and friendly climate. Top attractions in Corpus Christi include The USS Lexington, The History and Nature Museum and the Texas State Aquarium.

  1. Arizona

The Scottsdale area in Arizona is a combination of cultural attractions, shopping and dining options and unique picturesque beauty. The desert resort community is designed with senior travelers in mind. With great transport links, senior citizens with mobility limitations will be able to explore the area without any difficulty. You will enjoy the warm climate, the lakes and mountains if you are an outdoor lover.

  1. California

Many senior travelers prefer Palm Springs, California for its pace of life, beautiful weather and serenity. Palm Springs also boasts colorful architecture, luxury resorts, traditional festivals and good golfing. All these amenities are within easy traveling distance, meaning you don’t have to worry yourself sick about rushing to explore the sights.

  1. South Carolina

As we grow older, we tend to be captivated by art and history. That’s what Charleston, South Carolina is all about. There are plenty of activities to engage in and attractions to view in South Carolina. If you are a history buff, a good tip when visiting Charleston is ordering for museum tickets in advance to avoid standing around in long queues for the same. You can easily get around Charleston using tour buses. Senior citizens visiting South Carolina have access to city’s vast amenities

  1. Branson, Missouri

Popularly known as a family vacation destination, Branson, Missouri has plenty appeals for senior citizens. For starters, there is a year-round program for events and festivals that suit the elderly. If live theater and country music are your thing, you will definitely fall in love with this Ozark town in southwest Missouri. When it comes to ease of traveling, Branson scores points with senior travelers. The area has senior friendly amenities, award winning golf courses and plenty of accessible dining and shopping centers.

  1. Miami Beach, Florida

Having grey hair and grandkids should not stop you from exploring Miami. Conveniently located between the Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean and connected by bridges to the mainland, Miami is a peaceful haven with awe-inspiring attractions, great beachfront resorts and Art Deco architecture. You will fall in love with the soothing warm weather and attractive stretches of sand. The exceptional communication and modern infrastructure contribute in making Miami an awesome holiday destination for senior travelers heading south. There are also awesome museums like the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum and several shopping centers.

  1. Williamsburg, Virginia

Whether you enjoy going shopping or dining, or playing golf, there are plenty of things to do in Williamsburg. You will find the welcome of the locals as warm as the climate. From reenactments at Colonial Williamsburg to definitive architecture, a vacation in Williamsburg is exactly what you need if you are working on a tight budget. The city boasts reasonably priced hotels in case you are worried about accommodation costs. If you just want to relax and have a good time, there are plenty of resorts that will offer you just that.

  1. Alaska Cruise

Alaska is a well-established tourist destination that favors senior travelers who don’t have a passport or funds to travel abroad. You will enjoy a totally mesmerizing experience thanks to the combination of beauty and heritage of Alaska. If you are a sucker for adventure culture, you will enjoy exploring street markets and museums. You can enjoy a scrumptious meal while passing grand glaciers and outstanding waterfalls from the comfort of a cruise ship.


As a senior citizen, retirement should be an ideal time to do thrilling things with your new-found freedom. If you love traveling, the urge to go to new places and meet new people does not necessarily disappear with old age. Include the above-mentioned Best travel for senior citizens in the United States destinations in your bucket list to make the most out of your sunset years.

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