Book Recommendations for Senior Citizens

Reading is a good culture and a very beneficial habit to develop since you not only get entertained, but you also stay informed and your mind stays sharp. With a good book in your hands, you will be in your own world where you really don’t care what is going on around you. Additionally, reading is a very healthy way of passing time and helps you become wiser as you age. Well, you might be a person who loves reading and would like to gift your aged parents or grandparents a book on their anniversary or birthday but you do not the kind of book to get them. Worry no more. Below are ten top books recommended for senior citizens.

Which Books Are Best For Senior Citizens?

There are thousands and probably hundreds of thousands of books that are in circulation today both as hard and soft copies. However, we have done our best to select some of the finest books which are not only interesting and informative, but also readily available.

#1: “A Man Called Ove” By Fredrick Backman

[amazon box=”B00GEEB730″] The book is a good read since the story line revolves around an old man called Ove. The man is a strict follower of his own rules and does everything meticulously. The only problem with Ove is that he is grumpy and gets irritated very fast. Due to these characteristics, his neighbors have nicknamed him the old neighbor from hell. However, the story takes a positive turn when Ove gets new neighbors- a family comprising a young couple and their daughters. Quite unexpectedly, a very warm bond is formed between the family and Ove and needless to say he becomes a less bitter and sad man as a result of the friendship.

#2: “Water for Elephants” By Sara Gruen

[amazon box=”B003I1WY2A”] When a book wins an award like the BookBrowse Award for being the most popular, then it is worth a looking. The story is about Jacob Jankwowski who struggles with life when his parents die. Sara (the author) does a very job of presenting a love story between Jacob and his lover although they are from different worlds. The author clearly shows that love is something precious and that true love should be cherished since it a luxury that very few people truly enjoy. It is beautifully written and it is a book that any senior citizen will enjoy reading.

#3: “Lost and Found” by Brooke Davis

[amazon box=”0147517737″] The book tells of a child who was left by the mother at a departmental store. The child – seven year old Milie -is helped by two senior citizens Agatha Pantha and Karl in a quest to find the mother. As they proceed with their pursuit, they discover that young people can also be wise and there is more to old age than just sitting around and waiting for death. The book clearly, shows the phases of life one has to pass through as they age.

#4: “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway

[amazon box=”B000FC0SH8″] Although it is a short story, it has a big message. The story line is about the bravery, courage and the tenacity of an old fisherman. The man is all alone but every morning he heads to the seato fish in a bid to earn a living. Although the story is short, it has a great message of courage and overcoming defeat which is very interesting for the senior citizens and people of all ages alike.

#5: “The Little Lady Who Broke All The Rules” By Catharina Ingelman Sundberg

[amazon box=”B016UEKRSY”] The story is about a woman who is 79-years and her four friends who want to live an adventurous life. For long, the lady has been thinking of robbing the bank but instead ends up sulking in the chair. However, she and her four friends decide enough is enough and they decide to go ahead with the plan to rob a bank. What follows is a very cunning plan and the book is bound to leave you entertained.

#6: “I’m Too Young To Be Seventy” By Judy Viorst

[amazon box=”B001F8G88Y”] For senior citizens who love poetry, then this book is a perfect fit. Judy is known to write poems that are not only touching, but very wise and witty too. Well, the book is no different. In the book, you will find different poems touching on different topics and as earlier mentioned it is a perfect fit for senior citizens who love poetry.

#7: “Prime Of Life” By Bekendam P.D.

[amazon box=”B00IJYELPO”] The book is about a doctor who leaves his medical profession to become a janitor. He chooses to take up his new role in a retirement facility. If you like funny and peculiar characters, then this book is for you and it will leave you inspired by the selflessness of the doctor.

#8: “Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand” by Helen Simonson

[amazon box=”B0036S4CI”] The book is about two different people from totally different backgrounds who end up falling in love. In the book, you will discover how a Pakistani shopkeeper and a British army officer, who is retired, fall in love. It is a very interesting read as it shows love has no racial, geographical or age boundaries. The setting of the book is in rural England which also adds to its flavor. It is definitely a good read.

#9:  “Call It A Gift” By Valerie Hobbs

[amazon box=”0874176123″]

This is a very sentimental book about a woman and a man who met and fell in love. The unusual thing about the couple is that they meet when they were well advanced in years. Although they seem like an unlikely match, what follows will keep you turning the pages to the end.

#10:  “Being Mortal” By Atul Gawande

[amazon box=”B00JCW0BCY”] This is not a story book but an interesting read none the less. The author is a surgeon who speaks very positively about medicine and the immense role it plays in improving the quality of life. In the book, you will find very interesting researches to support his claims. Although some seniors live in fear of death, the book gives hope that the end need not be scary as medicine can make the transition easier. It is definitely an excellent read for the seniors.


Reading is one of the best ways that seniors can keep themselves active intellectually. Although there are many books that every senior can enjoy reading, we believe that this list will help you narrow down your selection.

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