Bucket List Ideas for Senior Citizens

Regardless of health status or age, we all have hopes, dreams and aspirations yet to be achieved but regularly sought after. There is a lot that you can accomplish in life, and endeavoring to have new experiences in old age can be exceedingly meaningful and satisfying. It is never too late to come up with and enact a bucket list. Simply put, a bucket list is a set of goals that cover all the different areas of your life. Now that you are a senior citizen, it’s the best time to see the world and check off the things and places you’ve always wanted to do and visit before you kick the basket. Reaching out to new experiences using this powerful tool of hopes and dreams can be an exhilarating road map for living your best life.

Why Create A Senior Bucket List?

Retirement is the perfect time to rekindle and achieve your shelved goals as you finally have all the time to do what you want. Marriage, children, poor health or limited budget should not hold you back from going for what your heart really desires. A large portion of senior citizens feels depressed or bored about lacking well-stipulated activities during old age. Crafting a bucket list will go a long way in helping you focus on the important things in life- who you really are and what you really want.

This informative article presents you 10 bucket list ideas for senior citizens. Ranging from restaurants you may want to try to career and financial goals, the list has ideas that are sure to work for you.

Things to Consider When Developing Your own Bucket List

  • Ensure that your list only contains places and things you intend to obtain, accomplish or do. No one knows you better than yourself. Don’t try to copy or be influenced by other people’s opinions. Your list should be about things you find significant and what makes you happy. Let your list comprise of the things you want to do, be and have, the people you want to meet, and the places you want to visit.
  • Share your bucket list with your loved ones to gain additional incentive and motivation to pursue the items on your list. Seniors with similar interests may be able to assist by providing helpful advice. By sharing your bucket list with those you share your dreams with, following the items can turn to a joint venture.
  • Break down your bucket list into short-term and long-term goals. Let short-term goals be things that are more easily attainable. Long-term goals can be somewhat challenging accomplishments. It is okay to go out of your comfort zone and pursue things beyond the typical resolutions.
  • Keep track of your progress as you work your way towards realizing your dreams. It makes no sense to come up with a bucket list if you do not intend to act on it. Trying and failing is better than not trying at all. Maintaining your progress can give you continued purpose, identity, meaning and direction in your golden years.

Bucket List Ideas for Seniors

Let’s dive straight into our list of bucket list ideas for senior citizens!

  1. Revive A Lost Passion

Life can get busy, and you can get lost in building your career or raising your family. People sometimes set their dreams aside during the middle years of adulthood to focus on �more important things.’ During retirement, you have all the time in the world to pursue all the lifelong passions you had previously put on hold. By doing something you wished you’d always done, you will get a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Achieve Your Ideal Weight

You can shed off some extra weight by joining a local gym. A gym is great for getting a new physique and a healthier body. It also allows you to work out despite the weather outdoors. Gym membership gives you a chance to join like-minded members. Having a workout partner means you can attend fitness classes together and share your experiences. Before signing up for a local gym, ensure they have senior-friendly fitness facilities. If you want privacy, you can turn an empty space in your basement, garage or guest room into a home gym. By saving on money spent on annual membership fees, you can use that money to purchase gym equipment. Another way of achieving your ideal weight is exploring a new healthy diet.

  1. Visit One Of The 7 Wonders Of The World

With several discounts for traveling seniors available, your golden years are the best years to explore what the world has to offer. You can visit world-famous attractions such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls, Mount Everest or the Great Wall of China. Make an effort to visit at least one part of the world that you’ve always wanted to visit. Remember to carry your camera to capture the memories. You can either choose to travel as a group or as an individual.

  1. Find A Charitable Cause And Donate Your Time

By performing a random act of kindness like donating funds or your time to your favorite charity, you will help make the world a better place. Reaching out to the needy people in the society might appear intimidating at first, but the rewards are promising. You will feel connected to the people you help in a special way. There are many volunteer programs that allow you to participate actively as a senior citizen. You can choose to be a mentor and pass your knowledge and skills to the younger generation.

  1. Get That Pet You Never Had

Loneliness creeps in with old age. To avoid these feelings of loneliness, get yourself a pet to offer companionship. It could be a dog, cat, bird or a backyard farm animal like a pig or a rooster.

  1. Master A Gadget

Technology is here to stay. Instead of shunning technology, you should embrace it. Technology helps to make life fun and easier. There are many technological devices that you can try. You can start by learning how to use a computer or an iPad.

  1. Learn A New Language

If you have never picked up a second language, there is no better time to start than now. Studies show that 12 percent of seniors wish to learn a new language in retirement. Learning a new skill or language helps to stimulate the brain keeping it healthy. Many local colleges in the United States allow senior citizens to take language courses at a nominal fee. You can additionally take online courses or get tape programs from your local library for free.

  1. Play A Musical Instrument

Perhaps you have always wanted to learn how to play a guitar, violin, harmonica or piano. Learning how to play an instrument is a great goal for everyone one to have at any age, seniors included. You are never too old to learn something new. You can take music lessons and hone your skills.

  1. Take Up A New Sport

Time may not have been on your side in your youth to take up a new sport. We normally spend a lot of time worrying ourselves about what could go wrong and what the society thinks instead of focusing on the things we really want to do. Be spontaneous and take up a new sport. There are several clubs and societies all over the United States to get involved with. Suggestions for a new sport include cycling, hiking, yoga or golfing. Apart from helping you with exercising, sporting activities can help you meet new people.

  1. Forgive Someone

As humans, we tend to hold grudges for extended periods for an array of reasons. The person in question could be a close family member or an old friend you haven’t contacted for years. It is advisable to make amends by forgiving them and letting go. If you don’t address anger and regret issues in your senior years, your unforgiving nature can cloud your retirement. You may not get the desired results at first but over time, you will come to will come to understand the importance of inner peace and tranquility.


You only live once, and to make the most of your life, you need to create identifiable goals that you aspire to achieve. A bucket list is a blueprint for all the places to visit and things to do in your golden years. This way, you can leave aside activities that have no real value to your well-being and happiness. We hope you enjoy reading our bucket list ideas for senior citizens.

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