Essential Bathroom Aids for the Elderly

Ensuring safety for your loved ones starts at home by creating a safe living environment aimed at preventing accidents and protecting them from harm. No matter if you’re taking a shower, brushing your teeth or answering the call of nature, the bathroom is an essential room in your home serving various needs. Bathrooms have a combination of small spaces, tiled surfaces, many edges and corners, and bursts of scalding water making them an obstacle for anyone- and for an elderly individual, the hazards are magnified. Balance is integral in maintaining bathroom safety for the elderly. Essential bathroom aids for the elderly provide more than just a means of getting to the bathroom.

Why Bathroom Aids for the Elderly are Essential

As we grow old, we develop mobility issues that make it harder to perform tasks that we previously did ourselves. Statistically, two-thirds of seniors have mobility issues. While a slip, trip or a fall may not pose serious health concerns to a younger person, they can be life-threatening for an elderly individual. Older citizens are either dependent on caregivers or struggle with an action that is private for most of us – using the bathroom. When your old folks feel like a burden since they complete basic tasks like using the bathroom on their own, this can lead to unnecessary embarrassment and stress.

It is imperative that the elderly enjoy their independence by being able to care for themselves and managing their own affairs. Having the confidence to use the bathroom by themselves boosts their mood and self-esteem. This highlights why it is vital for seniors to have the right equipment. You don’t need to completely revamp your bathroom to make it safer and easier to navigate. Bathroom safety products are designed to make your bathroom a safer environment. From bath steps to toilet aids to grab rails to anti-slip accessories and seats, several manufacturers are now specializing in offering a wide range of high-quality bathroom accessories for senior citizens. Offered bathroom safety and accessibility equipment come in an array of designs, models and sizes.

10 Essential Bathroom Aids for the Elderly

To help you get started, we have organized a list of 10 essential bathroom aids for the elderly. They will increase efficiency, safety and convenience. With these simple and effective accessories, you will no longer have to worry about you or your loving one slipping and falling on the bathroom floor.

  1. Raised Toilet Seats With Arms
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One of the greatest embarrassments can come from what used to be the most straightforward task – using the toilet. Once we experience mobility issues and disability, getting on and off the toilet seat can be challenging. Statistically, over 80 percent of senior falls take place in the bathroom. An elevated toilet seat will raise the seat higher than the typical 14-15 in. Modern designs of toilet seats have a locking mechanism, handlebars and a raised seat for more comfort and safety. This way, you or your loved one can either raise or lower yourselves. Getting a raised toilet seat means less squatting and ultimately less chance of slipping and falling.

  1. Shower Chairs/Stools
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Simple tasks like taking a shower or using the toilet are not that simple for the elderly. If you experience difficulty standing for extended periods, shower chairs will make the process easier and less physically taxing by allowing you to sit and wash. Showering while sitting surely sounds nice and it is a cost-effective way of minimizing falling. Before purchasing a bath stool, be sure to have a look at the size and fitting. Only buy a bath chair that will fit into your bathroom.

  1. Grab Bars And Safety Rails
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Seniors need assistance getting in and out of the bathtub. Having the designated safety products is therefore essential. The beauty of grab bars is that they can be placed wherever necessary, not just the bathroom. Having them in the bathroom is however ideal as they can provide you with a durable and reliable source of stability. Grab bars will help you maintain balance and keep you from grabbing less stable surfaces or people in
the event of a fall. By fixing sturdy grab rails to your bathroom wall and other strategic areas, you can use them to support yourself when bathing or toileting. Grab bars come in an assortment of attractive designs to fit any bath décor.

  1. Slip-Resistant Mats
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Falling can be fatal to the elderly. That is why it is important to get a preventative action to avert such a situation. An anti-slip mat will get the job done. Some models are fitted with mildew resistance and suction cups for extra safety. The mats can be placed in the shower, outside the shower, in front of the toilet and anywhere else you feel water can collect. Also, consider putting an anti-slip mat where your aging loved one is likely to have less balance control. Not all mats are made equal. Ensure to check the no-slip functionality before purchasing a mat.

  1. Reachers
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Imagine running out of toilet paper when doing your business and unfortunately, the unopened toilet paper is kept on a shelf that is out of reach. Tiptoeing or stretching can result in falls and that means that reachers can get the job done. Grabbers will help you old folks maintain an independent lifestyle. You can alternatively opt for a toilet paper aid with a release button for ejection of toilet paper.

  1. Bath Steps
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Bathroom safe steps give the elderly an elevated surface that makes it easier to step over the side of a bathtub. Be sure to purchase safe steps that are non-slip to provide yourself with a sturdy surface that will protect you from slipping.

  1. Walk-In Tubs
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For seniors with mobility complications or those that rely on wheelchairs to move around, getting in and out of traditional bathtubs can be challenging. Walk-in tubs take care of this problem by providing easy access. They feature slightly declined entries to prevent spills, safety handles for support and hinged doors that can be easily opened. All these features will make your bathing experience more relaxed and comfortable.

  1. Transfer Shower Benches
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Transfer shower benches are meant for seniors who have difficulty stepping into a shower or a bathtub. They provide a safe and smooth motion into the tub. If you have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, suffered a sports injury or undergone surgery recently, you will find a transfer bench handy. The bench has two legs resting inside the tub and two resting on the bathroom floor. This way, you can comfortably sit down outside the bathtub then slide across the bench to move inside the tub. Most transfer shower benches are portable, meaning you can store them away when not in use.

  1. Commodes
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Simply put, a commode is a movable toilet that doesn’t use running water. A commode is essential for seniors experiencing difficulty navigating within the bathroom because of stairs or distance. Complex models are designed to resemble manual wheelchairs while basic models resemble a chair with a toilet seat. If your loved one is confined to their beds or cannot walk to the bathroom on their own, you should consider getting them a commode. Their portability means that commodes can be placed anywhere in the house. It is worth mentioning that commodes need manual emptying.

  1. Toilet Aids
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Bathroom aids offer a cost-effective and straightforward way to provide extra stability and support to reduce the risk of falling in this potentially high-risk area of the home. For enhanced security, you can consider adding these toilet aids: bath cushions and pillows, electric bathtub lifts, medical alert system, detachable shower head, etc.


Bathrooms are referred to as the most dangerous room in the house for a good reason. Instead of avoiding the bathroom which is next to impossible, try investing in bathroom aids for the elderly. Don’t sit idle and wait for problems to fix themselves, be responsible for your own safety. Don’t wait until you experience a fall to get yourself the above-mentioned essential bathroom aids for the elderly. Go through our list and find the right bathroom accessories for you to use and navigate your bathroom in peace, comfortably and without fear. With the click of a button and you’ll be bathing in style!

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