Top 4 Best Knee Rovers for Senior Citizens

One of the reasons why knee rovers for senior citizens are a necessity is because of the many leg problems that come along with aging. Aging affects joints, which in turn limits mobility. With every step, the wear and tear on the joints gets worse leading to persistent pain. This makes it difficult to walk without the need of something to take the weight off the painful legs or ankles. Surgery helps to fix a bad ankle or broken foot, but even after the surgery, it takes a while to gain optimum mobility especially for the elderly.

Many of those recovering after the surgery opt to use crutches while others use wheelchairs. Others depend on people for support as they move around. However, there is a better alternative to clutches or dependency on people. Using knee scooter rovers is one of the best ways for seniors to manoeuvre their way around.

Unlike crutches, knee rovers are more comfortable and do not tamper with the knee recovery. They are stable and great for both outdoors and indoors. Knee scooter rovers are also good not only for seniors with foot problems but also for those with broken ankles, broken feet and anyone recovering from any kind of leg, ankle and foot surgeries.

What Makes Knee Rovers Better than Other Alternatives?

The best knee rovers for senior citizens have the following advantages over crutches and other alternatives.

Comfort and stability

Scooter rovers are more comfortable and reliable. Any senior using a rover over a clutch will not tire easily and his/her mobility will be more effective. Unlike crutches, knee rovers are more stable because they come with rubber wheels. This makes it easy to move around without the fear of any slip-ups. Besides the rubber wheels, scooter rovers come with handlebars for support Majority of them come with locking hand brakes that are easily adjustable and on-wheel brakes for better control.


The majority of the scooter rovers are compact and lightweight, with weights not exceeding 30 pounds. The scooters are also easy to fold which makes them portable and easy to store.


Knee scooter rovers are durable and can go for years without any damage. Despite the light weight, the knee scooter rovers can manage large weight capacities and different heights.

Best Knee Rovers for Senior Citizens

Though there are many different kinds of knee scooter rovers in the market today, we have selected a few of the best.KneeRover PRO All Terrain Knee Walker

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The above knee scooter is a creation from one of the biggest manufacturers of scooters. Made with aluminium, the scooter rover comes complete with a shock absorber. Other features of the KneeRover Pro are.

. It can take you around every kind of terrain with ease
. Comes with 12-inch air filled tires made with shock absorber technology for maximum comfort and stability
. Double bar construction can take on any kind of weight
. Comes with locking handle bars for safety
. Easy to transport and store
. Comes with an adjustable knee pad
. Has a beautiful metallic silver grey color

KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

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Another great alternative to crutches is the beautiful steerable knee scooter from KneeRover. It comes in two beautiful colors and it offers comfort when recovering from a knee surgery or any other leg surgery.

Features of this rover are

. Weighs only 22 pounds but can support weights of up to 300 pounds.
. Has very comfortable handlebars
. Easy to transport and store
. For better ability and control, the knee rover has an adjustable locking handbrake system
. For easier navigation of the scooter rover, it has a rear drum braking system
. Offers maximum comfort with adjustable knee pad
. Comes with height adjustment features for more Comfortability
. If you want to go shopping, you do not have to worry because the scooter rover comes with a storage basket
. The scooter wheels come with shock absorbers for maximum control and stability
. Scooters are available in both green and pink colours
. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors

Evolution Steerable Seated Scooter Mobility Knee Walker

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This is another mobility solution for senior citizens from KneeRover. It is also another good alternative to crutches and it comes with special and great features to make seniors feel comfortable when they use it. The most striking features about this scooter are;

. Offers better freedom for people recovering from knee injuries and surgeries
. Comes with a large padded gel seat, which is convenient for mobility. The seat allows the user to elevate the leg bearing no weight.
. Offers excellent control and stability when you use it anywhere as it comes with a locking handbrake which is easily adjustable
. The handlebar mechanism on the scooter allows for easy folding, storage and transportation
. The scooter comes with rubber wheels and a free shopping and storage basket
. It is stable and durable and can accommodate weights of up to 300 pounds

Pride Travel Pro Premium 3-wheel Mobility Scooter

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If you are looking for the best knee scooter to help you maneuver your way around hallways, supermarkets and other places, then this rover from PRIDE will do just fine. It is compact and offers maximum movement abilities in tight and small places. The scooter comes with the following features;

. Comfortability with its padded faux leather seat that also comes with adjustable height solutions
. Besides the seats, the scooter also comes with padded armrests
. Comes with a storage basket, a cup holder and a saddlebag
. The scooter is easy to dissemble which makes it easy to transport and store
. It weighs around 27 pounds and can accommodate different weights
. The scooter can move around everywhere with ease
. It is great for people healing from knee injuries or anybody with walking difficulties
. The scooter uses two batteries

Wrapping it Up

The above are some of the many knee rovers for seniors in the market today. All the items are available in Amazon at affordable prices. With the above knee scooter rovers, if you are a senior citizen, you can enjoy maneuvering around without any worries. You can forget the discomfort of the clutches and use the knee rovers that will offer you more comfort and stability. What is even better is that you can go anywhere you wish to go with the above best knee rovers for senior citizens. Take your knee rover for a spin and enjoy life without any pains holding you back.
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